UPC is an innovative and dynamic provider of Project and Consulting Services in Europe, Africa and Middle East. We have been assisting Governments, Military and Civil institutions and private Enterprises on a variety of platforms in (post) conflict and industrial regions. UPC has the global reach to provide services wherever they are needed; from areas of conflict to remote construction and exploration sites and Third World infrastructure development programs.

Our strong presence has been achieved through our subsidiaries and hand-selected local partners, using the best resources to maximize services dependability with high cost-efficiency. Our prime focus on quality and client relations has named UPC awards and recognition in the international marketplace. UPC has a solid reputation as a Contractor for services ranging from urban infrastructure projects to remote area energy operations. Our experienced international management team and our proven Quality Assurance and Quality Control are key elements in building successful partnerships, hence reducing our clients' risk and placing us ahead of the competition.

Proudly presenting our range of services, we would like to invite you on a brief excursion on the following pages showing that UPC is the right choice to provide you with various 'Top Class' services in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

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