Renewable Energy Applications

Strictly focused on Quality and Performance, UPC chose partners for solar, hydro and wind applications and - in doing so -  having achieved a proven solar works track record in Africa and Middle East…

  • Public conservation lighting
  • Telecommunication stand-alone-solutions
  • Solar driven water pumping
  • Rural electrification
  • Solar fields,
  • Floating water Turbines, etc.

Conventional Power Generation

Amongst other projects, UPC installed thermal/diesel power stations throughout the DRC. These kind of projects are realized in close cooperation with very few dedicated international recognized manufacturers, whereby UPC brings to your projects:

  • Civil Engineering (foundations, buildings, etc.)
  • Storage, piping and distribution of fuel
  • Electrical works:
        - Control and command
        - Transformation
        - Power Transport & Distribution

Power Transport and Distribution

Over the years, UPC has gained experience and deep expertise in:

  • The assembly of MV/LV posts
  • The draw of overhead and underground lines
  • The introduction of electrical sub-stations
  • The installation of electronic pay-as-you-go meters
  • The assembly of electro-mechanic equipment

Electrical Installations

The UPC team is diverse and brings experience and professionalism to your project when it comes to:

  • Residential electrical installations
  • Industrial electrical installations
  • Integration of solar and/or hydro components
  • Optical fibres
  • Remote monitoring
  • Installation of communication systems
  • Configuration of Internet and Intranet

Electrical Applications

UPC is known to provide functional, durable and high quality material.

  • MV / LV transformers
  • MV / LV poles and cables
  • MV / LV accessories
  • Electrical components for residential buildings | industrial complexes | solar power systems | floating turbines | remote monitoring | movement detection

Fire Systems

UPC provides fire protection systems:


  • risk analysis, evacuation plans and fire awareness training.
  • Protection fire extinguishers with foam and CO2; fire hydrant systems and fire detection with alarm and sprinklers.


  • Studies
  • Installations and documentation
  • Training sessions