UPC is also a global solution provider of temporary or permanent space for all sectors including government ministries, education, defense, industry, oil & gas, mining, utilities and construction.

We have strong capabilities in safety, design, engineering and construction that allow us to provide a comprehensive range of portable temporary and permanent buildings, available in a range of layouts and finishes.

UPC partners with very few dedicated manufacturers in Western Europe, having a common understanding with us of how to react on the different market demands in Europe, Africa and Middle East for a variety of clients. Together with our partners we are capable of providing cost efficient accommodation solutions for workers and soldiers at different quality and price levels.

At UPC, we provide the modular accommodation that meet your needs – when it comes to housing your workforce we respond quickly, effectively and economically, manage space and construction/storage needs as well as logisicts. We custom build in response to your unique project requirements.

Whether you seek accommodation for a few, or several thousand, UPC delivers:
for short or long-term durations
to urban or remote locations
first class interiors and modern, comfortable furnishings
accommodations equipped for the harshest and most demanding environments

Our experts can help you create a fully-functional village to help maintain the optimum performance of your workforce.

UPC delivers units anywhere in the world.

The very nature of modular construction makes installation a relatively quick and efficient process. As a specialist in modular installation, we manage the installation of the buildings we deliver. It is the preferred avenue for most clients to take, providing a seamless delivery and reducing the number of suppliers involved.

Camp Management
UPC and our dedicated partnters offer premium class infrastructure and equipment services to support your camp such as:

Conceptual and practical design
Site preparation and installation
Project management
Consultancy services including site optimisation, energy performance etc.
Quality, environment and safety management
Certification and services for buildings, fire, electrics and water compliance
Waste management
Catering services
Cleaning and septic services
Laundry services
Finance, policies and insurance services
Assistance with building and development planning approvals
Transportation to and from the workplace
Other Construction servioces (i.e, driveways, landscaping, sporting courts)
Sanitary and toilet services
Security services
Military camp support (Protocols and quality checks)
Vehicle workshops
Senior management camps outside of the main facilities