Through our existing supply channels and an extensive network of suppliers and transportation companies, such as aircraft operators, shippers and trucking agencies, we are able to deal with logistical tasks in a fast and flexible manner.

Where feasible, multimodal freight transport (MFT = the combination of multiple modes of transportation for a single shipment) will be conducted.


Multimodal freight transport

  • Truck
  • Train
  • Ship
  • Aircraft


  • Finance
  • Legalities
  • Policies
  • Insurance

Our Logistics core competence is the Aircraft Charter Business. The UPC charter division deals with larger passenger & cargo fixed and rotary winged aircrafts, including regional jet airliners & turboprops, VIP & executive airliners, and narrow- & wide-body airliners.         

  • Private Charter
  • Group Charter
  • Cargo Charter
  • Wet Leasing



UPC recruits its staff meeting or exceeding the required qualifications of our clients. We understand that we have to use an authorized regime of qualified specialists, appropriate to perform the work. Senior managerial and supervisory roles will normally be casted with Expats or Third Country Nationals (TCNs), while Local Civilian Hires (LCH) will serve in support roles. Qualified candidates will be medically and dentally screened to ensure their fitness for work in any possible environment.

Installation material

Cost awareness commands to source as much local construction and installation materials as possible. For sound provision we will stock according to the degree of procurement, to include both, local materials and those to be imported from abroad.


Authorized by manufactures, UPC sells vehicles, motorcycles, dedicated spare part bundles and provides customized transport solutions to Governments and the international Military, Security and Aid & Development sector, based on many years experience of working in development areas
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