Engineering & Design

The roles and responsibilities of governmental and civil organizations have expanded greatly in recent years. As a result, civil and military personnel must constantly evaluate and upgrade their mobilization capabilities and be ready to deploy all over the world in many different locations and climates. UPC works closely with governmental and industrial customers to create operational support solutions that enhance their deployment strategies while taking their existing assets and logistical challenges into consideration.

UPC offers a variety of customized engineering and design services:

  • Infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy Driven Systems
  • Water Collection & Distribution
  • Power Generation, Transport and Distribution
  • Camps

Business Intermediation

...the choice of the correct business partner decides of the success of your business...UPC | Universal Projects & Consulting


UPC is a dynamic and motivated broker agency, building international business contacts in Defense and Civil sectors in general and the Oil & Gas industry in particular. Performance and competence is the key of our concept, one key task being the connection of different people, countries, languages and cultures. The diversity of the world is both fascinating and challenging…